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Discover the future of investing with our proprietary LEO algorithm

We worked with 350K + Retail Clients and 25+ Institutional Clients

We have 10 Years of Professional Quant Research Experience

We Spent over 33000 Hours Researching Strategies

Performed 200+ Experiments

To Create LEO Algorithm - Lucrative Emerging Opportunities, to solve the common Investment Problem

LEO Algorithm - Lucrative Emerging Opportunities

At the heart of our approach lies LEO, our proprietary quantitative strategy focused on uncovering and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Our passion for deep AI/ML research and innovative Quant methods sets us apart, allowing LEO to identify high-potential investments ahead of the curve

Our Commitment: We are committed to delivering excellence and innovation in investments. With LEO, we offer our clients a path to lucrative opportunities through rigorous research and advanced quantitative analysis.

Why Us? Choose us for a forward-thinking approach that blends intensive research with sophisticated Quant techniques, all aimed at identifying the lucrative investment opportunities.

"Factor Investing is for Quants who can't build proper AI/ML algorithms. Markets are dynamic and cannot be explained using a simple y=mx+c equation"

We create a Quantitative Edge in Financial Markets by leveraging the power of Machine Learning Algorithms . Quantace Research is a SEBI registered Research Analyst focused in the Indian equity markets. We offer research services on equities to retail investors through India’s top fintech platforms

Karthick Jonagadla

Karthick Jonagadla | Co-Founder & CEO

Masters in Financial Engineering & B.Tech in Electronics Engineering

Karthick Jonagadla has 10 Years of Quantitative research experience with Quantace Research, Antique Stock Broking & Motilal Oswal

He is the Research Analyst who designs the baskets

Shubhada Patil
Shubhada Patil | Co-Founder

Masters in Economics & Phd in Law

Shubhad Patil has keen interest in Macro Economics and Policy making

Our Investment Beliefs

We strongly believe in the following

Time Spent in the market is better than timing the market

AI & ML Methods eliminates human bias

Investable capital should be free from any immediate needs

Know Your Risk

We are Different from other Quant


We construct our Baskets using our in house research. Most Quant are Factor driven. We do not use the Factor driven models which is widely used for investing


Our Baskets have out-performed MSCI Indices, World's leading factor driven index provider. The Out-Performance has been consistent over a different time-frames


Baskets are reviewed every month. In periods of extreme volatility we deallocate and invest in liquid funds. Tactical allocations allows periodic review



Our Research is tested on Global Equities & is observed to out-perform the Benchmark Indices. Our Research is replicable on different indices

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